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Steamed fish

Chinese seafood dishes you must try

Seafood is one the main components of Chinese cuisine. From everyday seafood like fish and prawns to rarer meats like oysters and abalone, Chinese love their seafood! Many rice and noodle dishes use seafood as their main points of flavour. With the wide variety of dishes in Chinese cuisine, even seafood dishes hold a huge

yum cha

Five Chinese yum cha dishes you must try

Dumplings are one of the most Chinese popular dishes. After all, who doesn’t love going to yum cha and ordering your favourite dim sum dishes? The experience is certainly unique – with the waiters pushing around carts with a variety of options. Chances are that you’ve found yourself looking at food without really knowing what

Asian drinks

Four refreshing Asian drinks to try

Asian cuisine is amazing, and you’ve probably tasted many Asian dishes before. But what about Asian drinks? While some have become increasingly popular, such as bubble tea, there are a lot of drinks that remain relatively unknown. Expand your palate and try out some of the popular drinks in the Asian region. Here are five

Healthy Vietnamese dishes you must try

We all know the struggle of staying healthy. With the nature of our fast-paced lives, it can be hard to prepare your own food and ensure that what is going into your body is good for you! But it is possible for you to eat out and still be healthy while skipping the plain old