Delicious Vietnamese dishes you should taste

Vietnamese cuisine spans across a lot of flavours and has a lot of components. From rice, noodles, pork and seafood, there are many different ingredients to Vietnamese dishes. The results? A wide range of flavours and foods!

From desserts to lunch and dinner, Vietnamese food is extremely diverse and delicious! Read on to find out what dishes we recommend you to try!

Crispy egg noodle

Egg noodles are yellow in colour and normally have a soft texture. However, one popular Vietnamese dish involves frying egg noodles to a crunchy texture.

These crispy egg noodles are then paired with a thick, textured sauce. The mix of crispy noodles with the sauce creates a great texture for your mouth. The sauce is often flavoured by the seafood it is cooked with.

Prawns, fish, and calamari are common fillings for this dish, along with vegetables like carrots and bok choy.

Lemongrass chicken

One of the signature Vietnamese dishes – its lemongrass chicken. This dish captures a multitude of flavours, with the tangy lemongrass spicing up the tender chicken.

Normally served with either rice or vermicelli noodles, lemongrass chicken is a great tangy dish to please your taste buds!

Vietnamese pancake

A Vietnamese pancake (banh xeo) is fried with shrimp, pork, bean sprouts, and egg in its contents. The fried pancake is then served with sauce on the side.

It’s one of the staple Vietnamese dishes, with its unique texture and flavours!


It can’t be a complete list without including this country’s signature dish. Pho is characterised by its amazing broth, which is created by stewing pork or chicken bones to create a delicious stock.

This stock is what makes the broth so flavourful. The dish is served with lemon wedge, bean sprouts, and noodles and is a filling meal!


Cendol is a dessert-style green jelly made of flour that is often served with shaved ice, sweet syrup, and a multitude of toppings!

This jelly can be used in dessert or drinks, and is often paired with red beans or grass jelly. It is popular throughout South-east Asia.

With so many different flavours to try in Vietnamese cuisine, it’s hard to narrow down the choices! Trying new dishes is a great way to expand your palate, and nowadays it’s easier than ever to find a local restaurant serving food that originates from somewhere far away!

Take the opportunity to try new things or take comfort in a great dish by ordering one of our picks for great Vietnamese food!