Unique Vietnamese desserts to try


Vietnamese desserts are incredibly diverse, from baked goods, soups, to cakes. There are so many flavours contained in the sweets of this Asian cuisine!

With different components, such as taro, red bean, and a different way of working with flour and other ingredients, Vietnamese desserts are unique and a stand-out from other cuisines!

Trying these desserts is a great way to explore new flavours. Although some of these desserts are pretty rare to find outside of Asia, some have been made popular due to globalization.

Try out these unique Vietnamese desserts to try a different side to Asian cuisine!

Three colour dessert

This colourful dessert gets its name from its vibrant ingredients. It Vietnamese name literally translates to three colour dessert.

The key components to getting this combination are kidney beans, green jelly, and mung bean paste. This is mixed with sweetened coconut milk and served in a glass with ice.

It will often be served in layers of the coloured ingredients and mixed up before being consumed.

Sweet corn pudding

This unique dessert uses corn for its key flavour, something that isn’t seen often. It mixes the sweet corn with glutinous rice and coconut milk to create a great texture for the dish.

Served cold or warm, this dish is perfect for another time of day and any season!

Sweet potato and taro soup

This Southern Vietnamese dessert is characterised by its coconut milk, combined with sweet potato and taro. This mixture creates a unique, sweet taste that is given more texture by adding tapioca pearls.

It is a sweet warm soup that can be an acquired taste.

Longan sweet soup

This dessert is characterised by the flavour of the longan fruit. Coming from the same family as the lychee fruit, the longan has a similar sweet-tasting white flesh that adds a punch of flavour to the dessert.

This soup is cooked with lotus seeds and served either warm or cold. It is a refreshing drink that will leave you satisfied!

Vietnamese jelly

Vietnamese jelly is a great sweet that is often flavoured by coffee, coconut milk, and pandan leaf. Subsequently, it has a three-colour stack to its composition.

The top layer is brown, the middle layer is white, and the bottom layer is green. This unique mixture brings a twist to the traditional kinds of jelly we are used to tasting! Surprisingly, the flavours complement each other well, creating a unique but delicious sweet.